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The FirstAid Registry is an online archiving resource that serves as a 'filing cabinet' for First Aid Instructors to use.....but everyone can access records that pertain to them! The Registry does not represent any one agency, and is not affiliated with any agency ... so no bias is assured! All agencies, their Instructors, the Instructors Clients, and Students from the classes that Instructors facilitate can review the portion of the class rosters that contains information about them.

But there's much more! The FirstAid Registry also facilitates communication between all parties.......Instructors can e-mail entire classes, individual Students, their Clients, and the Agency whose programs they represent.  There is also automatic reminders built in so everyone knows ahead of time when an entire class will expire, or in the case of Students, when their certification is coming due for renewal......essential for anyone that relies on maintaing currency for employment purposes!

The DB is designed by First Aid Instructors, and has been created with the needs of all First Aid users in mind. We've tried to make the monitoring of certification expiry dates as easy as it can be., and the entire system has been built with an eye to the future.....4g mobile phone networks, web-enabled cellular phones, broadband internet access...we've tried to put technology to work for us.

The DB is backed up twice daily and archives are securely held in several locations in both Canada and the United States, ensuring absolute data integrity. Your records will never be lost.

We continue to work on the features that the site offers, and will soon bring even more convenient tools and services to all users.



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